May New Releases


  1. The Guest Book by Sarah Blake
  2. The Confessions of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins
  3. Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors by Sonali Dev
  4. Cari Mora by Thomas Harris
  5. The Satapur Moonstone by Sujata Massey
  6. Vessel by Lisa A. Nichols
  7. Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips
  8. The Farm by Joanne Ramos
  9. The Rosie Result by Graeme Simsion


  1. Furious Hours by Casey Cep
  2. The Ghost Ships of Archangel by William Geroux
  3. Medical Medium Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide by Anthony William
  4. No Visible Bruises by Rachel Snyder
  5. The Pioneers by David McCullough
  6. Ten Innings at Wrigley by Kevin Cook
  7. Things My Son Needs to Know about the World by Fredrik Backman
  8. Upheaval: Turning Points for Nations in Crisis by Jared Diamond
  9. Why They Marched by Susan Ware

DVDs and Blue-ray

  1. Apollo II
  2. Better Call Saul: Season 4
  3. Call the Midwife: Season 8
  4. Cold Pursuit
  5. Everybody Knows
  6. Greta
  7. Masterpiece: Les Miserable
  8. Outlander: Season 4
  9. The Upside


  1. Baby, Please Come Home by Jimmie Vaughan
  2. Center Point Road by Thomas Rhett
  3. Father of the Bride by Vampire Weekend
  4. My Songs Deluxe by Sting
  5. Ten by Susan Boyle
  6. We Get By by Mavis Staples


  1. There’s Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon
  2. Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman
  3. With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo
  4. Broken Throne by Victoria Aveyard
  5. Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo


  1. Camp by Kayla Miller
  2. Mr. Lemoncello’s All Star Breakout Game by Chris Grabenstein
  3. The Queen’s Secret by Jessica Day George
  4. Duel at Araluen by John Flanagan
  5. Other Words for Home by Jasmine Warga
  6. The First by Katherine Applegate
  7. Shouting at the Rain by Lynda Mullaly Hunt
  8. Alex Rider Secret Weapon by Anthony Horowitz
  9. Dream Within a Dream by Patricia MacLachlan

World Penguin Day (April 25th)

Observed on April 25th, World Penguin Day recognizes one of the most unique birds on the planet. There are 17 species of penguins, and all their natural habitats are in the Southern hemisphere. Here are a few books and movies you can find in our library about penguins.

Blue Penguin – Petr Horacek
Rejected by his fellow penguins because of his unusual color, minimal diving, and jumping skills, Blue Penguin begins to sing in his loneliness and wonders if he will be able to convince the others that he is one of them.

Empire Antarctica – Gavin Francis
The story of one man and his fascination with the world’s loneliest continent, as well as the emperor penguins who weather the winter with him.

Happy Feet (DVD)
Emperor Penguins from Antarctica each express their true love with a special heart song of their own that expresses their very being. However, the misfit Mumble cannot sing. Instead he has an extraordinary talent to tap dance with almost magical energy and expression.

March of the Penguins – Luc Jacquet
When summer nears its end in Antarctica, emperor penguins bound out of the water and gather together to begin a long march. They march to their nesting ground 100 miles away. When they arrive, each penguin chooses a mate and starts a family.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins – Richard & Florence Atwater
The unexpected delivery of a large crate containing an Antarctic penguin changes the life and fortunes of Mr. Popper, a house painter obsessed by dreams of the Polar regions.

Penguin Life – Andy Rouse
Rouse has photographed penguins over a number of years, culminating in this powerful, poignant, amusing and amazing record of penguin life.

When Penguins Cross the Ice – Sharon Katz Cooper
Follows a single Emperor penguin on its annual migration journey

What We Were Reading #ThrowBackThursday


clippingThis week we have added a few of the popular books in recent fiction:
Exile by Warwick Deeping
Cimarron by Edna Ferber
The Hidden City by Philip Gibbs
Golden Dawn by Peter B. Kyne
The Town of Tombarel by William J. Locke
Early Candlelight by Maud Hart Lovelace
The Million-Pound Deposit by E. Phillips Oppenheim
Paterson, The Road of the Gods.
Rhinehardt, The Door.
Step-Daughters of War by Helen Zenna Smith

-Flora G. Coen.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Kids and Coding

As STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) becomes more popular not only as a hobby and subject matter in school, but as a career path too, many of our youth are becoming more interested in science. Here are some recommended books that feature women in science, as well as science related topics that are easy for children to understand.

Broad Band – Claire Evans
The history of technology you probably know is one of men and machines, garages and riches, alpha nerds and brogrammers. But the little-known fact is that female visionaries have always been at the vanguard of technology and innovation–they’ve just been erased from the story. Until now.

Click’d – Tamara Ireland Stone
After spending the summer at coding camp, Allie Navarro is excited to share the app she built with her friends, until it starts to cause problems between them

Coding from Scratch – Rachel Ziter
A collection of step-by-step instructions to code games, animation, presentations and musical projects using the Scratch coding language and online coding platform.

Girls Who Code – Reshma Saujani
Introduces the relevance of coding and shares down-to-earth explanations about coding principles and real-life stories of women programmers who work at such places as Pixar and NASA.

Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code – Laurie Wallmark
The story of Grace Hopper, who played a prominent role in the early days of computers.

How to Code a Sandcastle – Josh Funk
Pearl and her trusty rust-proof robot, Pascal, need to build a sandcastle before summer vacation is over, and they’re going to do it using code.

The Code Book – Simon Singh
Singh offers the first sweeping history of encryption, tracing its evolution and revealing the dramatic effects codes have had on wars, nations, and individual lives.

Women in Science – Rachel Ignotofsky
A collection of artworks inspired by the lives and achievements of fifty famous women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, from the ancient world to the present

Earth Day (April 22nd)

We celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. Earth Day is a annual event held to demonstrate and bring awareness to environmental protection. Here are some books you can find in our library about environmental awareness, green/sustainable living, water conservation, and climate change.

Some popular environmental advocates include Daryl Hannah and Mark Ruffalo (Keystone XL pipeline and its effects), Sting (rainforest preservation), Leonardo DiCaprio (animal and environment activism), and Al Gore (global warming/climate change).

An Inconvenient Truth – Al Gore
Gore brings together leading-edge research from top scientists around the world and personal anecdotes and observations to document the fast pace and wide scope of global warming.

Climate of Hope – Michael Bloomberg & Carl Pope
The 2016 election left many people who are concerned about the environment fearful that progress on climate change would come screeching to a halt. Bloomberg and Pope, approach climate change from different perspectives, yet they arrive at similar conclusions.

Drying Up – Stephen Feinstein
Describes the issues facing our planet concerning water conservation and pollution

Green Bites – John Vlahakis
Offer food for thought about ways to become more informed and make healthier, happier choices for yourself, your family, and the environment.

Grow More with Less – Vincent Simeone
Provides detailed instructions for creating sustainable landscaped homes using eco-friendly products and methods.

Origin Story – David Christian
Christian takes readers on a wild ride through the entire 13.8 billion years we’ve come to know as “history.” By focusing on defining events (thresholds), major trends, and profound questions about our origins, Christian exposes the hidden threads that tie everything together–from the creation of the planet to the advent of agriculture, nuclear war, and beyond.

The Death and Life of the Great Lakes – Dan Egan
Egan provides a chilling account of how sea life and other invaders have made their way into the lakes, destroying native species and largely destroying the age-old ecosystem. These invaders now threaten our water intake pipes, hydroelectric dams and other infrastructure across the country.

The Hidden Life of Trees – Peter Wohlleben
A forester’s fascinating stories, supported by the latest scientific research, reveal the extraordinary world of forests and illustrate how trees communicate and care for each other.

The Humane Gardener – Nancy Lawson
Lawson describes why and how to welcome wildlife to our backyards. Through advice, profiles of home gardeners, and interviews with scientists and horticulturalists, she applies the broader lessons of ecology to our own outdoor spaces.

Your Water Footprint – Stephen Leahy
Raises readers’ awareness of how much water is used to make the things we use, consume and grow.

Happy Passover! (April 19th – 27th)

Passover, which is celebrated from April 19th – April 27th, is a major Jewish holiday. It is celebrated to commemorate the Jews liberation from slavery in ancient Egypt and their freedom as a nation. For more information about the holiday of Passover, visit Here are a selection of Passover related books that you can find in our library.

A Different Kind of Passover – Linda Leopold-Strauss
Passover at Grandma and Grandpa’s house is a little different this year because Grandpa just got out of the hospital. But with a little help from Jessica and her family, Grandpa is still able to take part in the seder.

Passover Scavenger Hunt – Shanna Silva
Rachel sends her cousins on a scavenger hunt to find the afikomen using clues that reference each item on the Passover seder plate and together lead the cousins to the afikomen’s surprising hiding place.

With a Mighty Hand – Amy Ehrlich
An adaptation of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible presents the stories of Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses, and other primary figures in a continuous narrative that upholds the complexities of the original text.

Hanukcats – Laurie Loughlin
In 20 feline-centric takes on traditional songs, the furriest family members finally get to share in the festivities, singing the praises of spinning dreidels, gefilte fish, and other joys of the holidays.

The Dinner Party – Brenda Janowitz
This Passover Seder is not just any Passover Seder. This will be the night the Golds of Greenwich meet the Rothschilds of New York City. The Rothschilds control banks, own vineyards in Napa, diamond mines in Africa, and even an organic farm somewhere in the Midwest that produces the most popular Romaine lettuce consumed in this country. And now, Sylvia Gold’s daughter is dating one of them.

Wonders and Miracles – Eric Kimmel
Presents the steps performed in a traditional Passover Seder, plus stories, songs, poetry, and pictures that celebrate the historical significance of this holiday to Jews all over the world.

What We Were Reading #ThrowBackThursday


clippingSpring and garden planting time is now here and the poster on the bulletin board is symbolic of the season.

“Oh, the green things growing, the green things growing,
The faint sweet smell of the green things growing!
Oh, the fluttering and the pattering of those green things growing!
How they talk each to each, when none of us are knowing.”

PicMonkey Collage

For the gardener we have:
1001 Garden Questions Answered by Alfred Carl Hottes.
Garden Furniture and Ornament by John P. White.
Greening Pictorial System of Landscape Gardening by Charles Ernest Greening.
Rock Garden Primer by Archie Thornton.
Little Gardens for Boys and Girls by Mytra Margaret Higgins.
When Mother Lets us Garden by Frances Duncan.
The March Number of House and Garden is a Spring Gardening Guide.
-Flora G. Coen