What We Were Reading #ThrowBackThursday

“What We Were Reading” is a look back into the Lake Bluff Library’s history during the 1930’s. Every week the Library published a list of books and events going on in the “Lake Forester” newspaper, similar to how we post here on our blog. This is a fun retrospective as we celebrate our centennial anniversary.


For all that God in mercy sends;
For health and children, home and friends.
For comfort in the times of need,
For every kindly word and deed,
For happy thoughts and holy talk,
For guidance in our daily walk–
For everything give thanks!

We give thanks to Mrs. Nellie M. Jewel for the gift of two sets of books. The works of Edgar Allan Poe in ten volumes, edited by Stedman and Woodberry. This set was a definitive edition printed by the Colonial Co. in honor of the University of Virginia and her distinguished son.


The other set is Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States history from 458 A. D. to 1906, with a preface on the study of American history by Woodrow Wilson.


We also give thanks for the great enthusiasm of Miss Harding, our public school teacher, who has made Book Week so very interesting to all the children of Lake Bluff. Thanks are due to Mrs. Rockwell for planning a schedule during Book Week which included daily examination of books and comments by Miss Harding in the various classrooms or assembly.

The books used were chosen by the librarian from our collection, an a different group of books sent to the school each day.

The climax of the week was the book parade at the school, when each child was dress to represent a favorite character. School notes will doubtless give details of this gorgeous spectacle.

The public will give thanks for the following books, now on the shelves.
Growing Up by Karl De Schweinitz; the story of how we become alive, are born, and grow up.
Awakening of Helena Richie by Margaret Deland
Down the World’s Most Dangerous River (The Colorado) by Clyde L. Eddy
Doctor Sercold by Jordan (Helen Ashton); a page from his day book.
Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker by S. Weir Mitchell
Rock and Sand by John Rathbone Oliver; very different from “Victim and Victor” and “Fear.”
The Waters Under the Earth by Martha Ostenso
The Thirty-first Bullfinch by Helen Reilly
The Edwardians by V. Sackville-West
Cast Away of Mrs. Lecks and Mrs. Aleshine by Frank R. Stockton
Wreck the Dumaru: A Story of Cannibalism in an Open Boat by Lowell Thomas and Kurt Wiese; the tragedy following the sinking of the munition ship in 1918.
Rembrandt Van Rijn by Van Loo

–Flora G. Coen


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