What We Were Reading #ThrowBackThrusday

“What We Were Reading” is a look back into the Lake Bluff Library’s history during the 1930’s. Every week the Library published a list of books and events going on in the “Lake Forester” newspaper, similar to how we post here on our blog. This is a fun retrospective as we celebrate our centennial anniversary.


11-21-1930.JPG The library will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. During Book Week the following books have been added to our children’s shelves.

Old Greek Stories by James Baldwin
Juan and Juanita by Baylor
Tom Thumb by Leonard Leslie Brooke
In the Days of Giants by Abbie Farwell Brown
Danny the Freshman by Walter Camp
Football Without a Coach by Walter Camp
Boy’s Book of Mounted Police by Irving Crump
Girls and Boys by France
Buried Cities by Jennie Hall
Dr. Dolittle in the Moon by Hugh Lofting
Norse Stories by Hamilton Wright Mabie
Abbie Ann by George Madden Martin
Scar Neck by Rufus Steele

–Flora G. Coen

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