2020 Democratic Candidate Books

Most politicians write a book in the span of their careers, but for those seeking the presidency, it’s practically required. It’s not, but many are hoping to challenge Trump for the White House in 2020. Here are some of the books written by the current 2020 Democratic candidates that you can find at the library.

So far, nine candidates have qualified for the next Democratic debate. That debate will be held on November 20th in Georgia.

An Unlikely Journey – Julian Castro
Born to unmarried parents in a poverty-stricken neighborhood of a struggling city, Castro’s prospects of escaping his circumstance seemed bleak. But he and his twin brother Joaquin had something going for them: their mother. A former political activist, she provided the launch pad for what would become an astonishing ascent. Julian and Joaquin would go on to attend Stanford and Harvard before entering politics at the ripe age of 26.

Promise Me, Dad – Joe Biden
The former vice-president of the United States chronicles the difficult final year of his son’s battle with cancer, his efforts to balance his responsibilities to the country and his family, and the lessons he learned.

Shortest Way Home – Pete Buttigieg
Once described by the Washington Post as “the most interesting mayor you’ve never heard of,” Pete Buttigieg, the thirty-six-year-old Democratic mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has improbably emerged as one of the nation’s most visionary politicians.

The Truths We Hold – Kamala Harris
From one of our most inspiring political leaders, a book about the core truths that unite us and the long struggle to discern what those truths are and how to act upon them, in her own life and across the country.

The War on Normal People – Andrew Yang
Yang, the founder of Venture for America, brings an eye-opening look at how new technologies are erasing millions of jobs before our eyes and a rallying cry for the urgent steps America must take, including Universal Basic Income, to stabilize our economy.

This Fight is Our Fight – Elizabeth Warren
The fiery U.S. Senator from Massachusetts and bestselling author offers a passionate, inspiring book about why our middle class is under siege and how we can win the fight to save it.

United – Cory Booker
United States Senator Cory Booker sounds a stirring call to reorient our civic discourse around the principles of empathy and solidarity.

Where We Go From Here – Bernie Sanders
The Democratic presidential candidate, senator, and respected economist traces the first year of the Trump administration and what Sanders and his followers are doing to reinforce the progressive movement.

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