Watercolors & Mocktails

On Thursday May 25th at 7:00pm, come to the library and relax with friends, sip a cool drink and try your hand at watercolors! Join us for a laid-back evening of drawing and painting with watercolor pencils. Learn a few techniques, then sit back and enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage while you create a wonderful work of art!

Visit our first floor display featuring some books on watercolor painting and cocktails/mocktails!

Registration is required for the program. Please contact the library for more information.

Cocktails Made Easy – Simon Difford
For anyone overwhelmed by the more than 3,000 recipes — and all the ingredients necessary to create them — in his master-book, Cocktails Made Easy is the perfect guide to making cocktails more easily.

Flowers in Watercolour – Wendy Tait
A close and personal look at how Wendy Tait paints flowers with her loose, fresh and imaginative approach. With close examination and showcasing dozens of Wendy’s beautiful flower paintings, the book includes information on all aspects on painting flowers in watercolour, from gathering your reference, composition, and the practicalities of paint – all clearly explained in Wendy’s down-to-earth and inclusive style.

Let’s Bring Back: The Cocktail Edition – Lesley M.M. Blume
A compendium of long-forgotten libations due for a revival. Culled from ancient times through the 1960s, these delectable vintage cocktails are by turns fizzy and silken, sweet and tart, lethal and prim. Some of them are absurd, several are sentimental, while others are outright scandalous.

My Year in Cocktails – John Cusimano
The second half of Rachael Ray’s My Year in Meals book, Rachael’s husband and manager John Cusimano will be contributing to the book with a section devoted to his personal delicious cocktail recipes including the Fruita de Bosca, the Strawberry Velvet, and the Ginger Mule.

Painting the Things You Love in Watercolor – Adele Earnshaw
Adele Earnshaw’s paintings defy categorization. The uniqueness comes from her penchant for combining colourful and nostalgic items like handmade quilts, china and lace with small songbirds or kittens and bathing them all in beautiful sunlight.

Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines – Linda Kemp
Breathe new life into your art through negative painting. Linda Kemp shares her techniques for using the strength of negative space – the areas not occupied by subject matter – to create alluring works of art.

Watercolours Made Easy – Hazel Harrison
This complete guide provides invaluable insight into the world of watercolor, with practical advice on all the materials, techniques and methods that any beginner will need. There are inspirational projects to follow plus expert ideas and advice on all the latest approaches.

Watercolour Landscapes – Richard Taylor
An experienced artist and teacher uses stunning examples of his own work to explain every facet of watercolor landscape painting. Explore the wide range of effects possible with different brushstrokes and washes, such as blotting and sponging to produce texture and working with color to suggest movement.


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