National Library Week Support

national library week

This April, we celebrate National Library Week. But National Library Week is more than just coming in to get books. There are so many ways you can support your local library. Book Riot recently published a list of ways you can support your local library:

1. Anything that increases library statistics (checking out books, attending programs, etc.)
2. Make a materials donation.
3. Make a cash donation.
4. Make an in-kind donation. Contact your library to see what they could use!
5. Adopt-a-Book or magazine.
6. Volunteer!
7. Join the Friends of the Library.
8. Join the Library Board.
9. Write a letter to your local city/town/village advocating increased library support.
10. Be a personal advocate for your local library. Tell everyone how great we are!
11. Write to your local state and county representatives about the library.
12. Write to the editor of your local newspaper.
13. If you have a special talent or skill, offer to lead a program or lecture.
14. Request items for purchase.
15. Recommend programs and services your library could offer.
16. Fill out a survey or comment card.
17. Suggest a partnership between your business or organization and the library.

Happy National Library Week!


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