Love is in the air…

It’s that time of year again. The barrage of hearts and cutesy sayings has begun. Last year I had some recommendations for the more cynical among you so if romance is not for you be sure to check out that post. There is something to be said though for a well-written romance. Whether you are in a relationship or not, there is something satisfying about following the course of true (or not so true) love. Here are some of my favorites (I’ve included steaminess ratings for your convenience):

30 Days30 Days, Christine d’Abo – Alyssa met her soulmate, Rob, when she was just 16 but then she lost him to cancer when she was 35. Not wanting his young wife to give up on happiness or pleasure Rob left her 30 cards for 30 days of passion. It isn’t until two years after Rob’s death when the alluring Harrison moves into the neighborhood that Alyssa knows the time is right to rediscover what she had lost. Reminiscent of the movie P.S. I Love You but much sexier, this one rates a steamship crossing the Atlantic.

Call on MeCall on Me, Roni Loren – Oakley is a single mom who works a second job as a phone sex operator when she meets drummer Pike Ryland with a dangerous side. She resists being pulled outside of her comfort zone but soon the undeniable attraction between turns their fantasy sessions into reality. If you enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey then be sure to check out this equally sexy take on the genre. This one rates the steam arising from  lava erupting into the sea.

The Rogue Not TakenThe Rogue Not Taken, Sarah MacLean – The Regency Era is a mainstay of the romance genre and Sarah MacLean is a master of the Regency romance.  This series starter focuses on Sophie who fleeing scandal in London stows away in the carriage of the Marquess of Eversley, a man with a reputation of his own. Despite their bickering, the attraction between builds and soon romance begins to blossoms. Slightly tamer than the first two picks but still filled to the brim with passion, this one rates a steaming cup of Earl Grey tea.

Playing with FirePlaying with Fire, Kate Meader – Alex is the only female firefighter in Chicago’s Engine Company 6 and never hears the end of it from her male coworkers. She has her life well under control that is until she rescues Eli Cooper, the handsome and all too charming mayor of Chicago, from a blazing hotel. She has her reservations Eli is known as a brilliant politician who has a reputation of being able to talk anyone into anything. Eventually the sparks begin to fly despite Alex’s better judgement, giving this one a rating of the steam of a newly extinguished house fire.




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