inFamous Second Son – PS4

SuminFamous Second Sonmary:  Follow the story of Delsin Rowe as he transforms from a snarky teenage vandal to a superpowered hero or villain… you decide!  Don’t worry though, the sarcastic comments and graffiti opportunities are a constant either way.  As Delsin gains various supernatural abilities, he must battle his way from the Akomish reservation through an alternate version of Seattle, heavily guarded by the D.U.P. (Department of Unified Protection).  With help from his brother and a peculiar cast of characters, Delsin must defend himself and confront the formidable Brooke Augustine, head of the D.U.P.  Your choices between good and evil actions will influence the outcome of the game.

Review:  I thoroughly enjoyed this pulse-pounding adventure.  You are constantly learning new skills and meeting new characters as you progress, which keeps the gameplay interesting.  I liked that you could move freely through the open world in a variety of different ways and choose missions or side missions in any order.  I especially loved swooping up skyscraper walls, hovering in midair, and becoming invisible to sneak up on enemies.  The scenery is beautiful and being able to choose your favorite style of movement/combat was a nice feature. As a relative newcomer to gaming I thought this game was a good challenge without being frustrating.  The first time I played through this game as a goody-two-shoes and I look forward to playing it again as an immoral vigilante to see what changes.

If you like this game you might also like: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, The Last of Us Remastered both for the PS4.

– Misstory


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