Women’s History Month

Women’s stories have long been relegated to dusty closets and kitchens and their contributions not rightly recorded in the history books but this has begun to change. 2015 celebrates 35 years of Women’s History Month and women’s stories from across the globe.   The conditions women face across the world may vary greatly but, the resilience and strength with which they face those conditions is a continuous thread across time, place, and culture. Each week in the month of March we’ll be featuring memoirs that tell of the varied lives of women.


Misty Copeland is the only African-American soloist to perform with the prestigious American Ballet Company. In her memoir, Life in Motion, Copeland tells the story of her unlikely path into the world of ballet and struggles she faced once she was there. The book is well-written and uplifting. It is a great read for anyone interested in ballet or simply the life of an inspiring woman.


Persepolis is a personal favorite. It is a graphic novel that tells the story of a young woman growing up in Iran and dealing with the political and cultural changes that took place in that country in the 1980’s. You read as Marjane Satrapi, the daughter of dedicated Marxists, deals with the disorienting contradictions between her relatively free home life and the highly restricted public life they are forced to live. The simple black and white drawings tell a powerful story of a young woman struggling to understand her place in a repressive society.


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