Hot Dudes Reading!!

Hot Dudes Reading

Check out our new favorite Instagram feed! I hope I’m not alone in imagining the inner lives of strangers. Does he like hot sauce on his eggs? What kind of music is he listening to? His clothing says chic but his beard screams lumberjack. These are the thoughts I use to amuse myself out in public. It is even better when I catch someone reading. I use my powers of observation to gather book recommendations or (if I see someone reading a favorite and I’m feeling particularly brave) strike up a conversation. So this Instagram feed is right up my alley. This wonderful stranger on the New York subway has been taking photos of unsuspecting men reading.  The captions on the photos are written with a delightful wit and if you are especially keen eyed you can pick up some book recommendations, that is if you can pull yourself away from the men’s wonderful looks… of concentration.

Check it out on Instagram or Facebook!



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