Singles Awareness Day – February 15

Well, you survived the barrage of hearts and cutesy sayings once again. So fellow singletons, today’s your day and here are some great books to keep you company while you enjoy all that deeply discounted chocolate.


Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

There is nothing quite like a classic. Even though (SPOILER ALERT!) she ends up with the man in the end, Elizabeth Bennett is a resilient and independent woman ahead of her time. She rejects the first man to offer her marriage despite the risks that entailed. If you have only seen one of the (admittedly fantastic) screen portrayals it is time to pick up the book and experience Austen’s refreshing prose at its best.


Tiny Beautiful Things, Cheryl Strayed

If you read, or saw, Wild then you are already familiar with the gut-wrenching, inspiring life of Cheryl Strayed. But you may not know that for years she has been the once anonymous voice behind the Dear Sugar advice columns.  In this collection of those columns, Strayed provides no holds barred advice and helps us all come to the difficult but empowering realization that we are all deeply flawed human beings.

 gone girl

Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

If you are looking for affirmation of your decision to not be in a relationship, look no further than the electrifying book-turned-blockbuster Gone Girl.  The relationship at the center of the book is so messed up, so unsettling that it could turn anyone off relationships. So enjoy some schadenfraude and revel in your singlehood while reading or watching this riveting thriller.

 living alone

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone, Eric Klinenberg

We are experiencing a demographic shift as more people are living alone.  Klinenberg gives an in-depth look at the types of people who choose to live alone and all the benefits and pitfalls of living alone. This book will provide you with some great ammunition for the next time you are dragged into one of those “when are you going to find someone” conversations at your next family event.

 amy ph

Yes Please, Amy Poehler

Sometimes you just need to laugh and you are guaranteed a laugh with Amy Poehler’s indomitable Yes Please. It has everything, from stories of sex, love, and friendship to shenanigans on the set of Saturday Night Live. I would highly recommend checking out the audiobook where the author is joined by everyone from her mom and dad to Seth Meyers and Sir Patrick Stewart.



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