RIP Colleen McCullough


Colleen McCullough passed last week after 77 influential years on earth. She was born June 1, 1937 in Wellington, New South Wales. Her career spanned many aspects starting as a teacher, librarian, and journalist; she eventually went on to become a neuroscientist until the success of her books allowed her to give this up and live life on her own terms. Many may know her as the author of The Thorn Birds, which later became a popular mini-series that Colleen despised. If you have ready, seen, or heard of this classic novel you know that her writing is slightly scandalous for she does not fear taboo situations. This novel sold over 30 million copies and is still in print. Her latest work was released last year, Bittersweet. As most of her works Bittersweet was a historical fiction novel. The roaring twenties set the stage for two sets of female twins against the odds of their time creating a family and career that each will be satisfied with.  Colleen’s classy writing style consisted of confidence and an electric typewriter. Her words can never be duplicated and her novels will remain loved for generations to come.



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