The Assassination of the Archduke

Lake Bluff Public Library wants our patrons to share their most enjoyed reads. This is how…

  • Come into the library… 🙂
  • Pick up a short and sweet form at the circulation desk
  • Fill out:
    • Book Name
    • Author
    • Why you liked this book…
    • Create and add your very unique Alias name
  • Drop it in the box located behind the slips

Your reviews will be featured in their very own section on “Wandering Through the Stack.” Each post will have the book highlighted, by clicking on it you will be redirected to our catalog in order to check it out.

Keep Sharing the Wealth,

-Super Prize


Book: The Assassination of the Archduke

Author: Grey King & Sue Woolmans

Why I liked this book…

“100 years ago ‘1914’ Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophia, were assassinated in Sarajevo which ended the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. A very human story of love destroyed by murder, revolution, and war. And, also, years of wars and conflict. ‘A true story.” – Anonymous


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