Ender’s Game: Battle School (by Orson Scott Card: Graphic Novel) © 2011

Rating: 4/5

Summary: Andrew “Ender” Wiggins home, family, and school life are an unending trial. On top of all the other dysfunction in his life, Ender is monitored 24/7 by a government program seeking to find and train a commander capable of defending earth from a vicious alien attack. And Ender just might be that commander. Plucked from his home and taken to join a legion of child warriors, he may prove to be the savior that humanity needs…if the training doesn’t kill or drive him mad first.

Review: Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game has been a success with reader’s and critics since its release in 1985. A movie version is due for release this fall, starring Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford. Less bloody than The Hunger Games, the book is surprisingly thought provoking despite its use of many standard sci-fi tropes. It is thought well enough of that the US Marine Corps Professional Reading List recommends it to Officer Candidates and Midshipman. The book does deal with the issue of children and violence, which it has received criticism for. The book has more to say about the effect of war and violence on society, but reader be warned. Particularly since this is a Graphic Novel adaptation. The violence of the book is shown, but is not gratuitous. The story does lose some steam by being condensed for the new format, but the editors did a decent job. The artwork is what shines in this edition. The drawings are simply stunning. So, even if you have read the book, the Graphic Novel is worth a look.

Read-a-likes: In its consideration of children as violent and soldiers, Ender’s Game can certainly be viewed as a precursor to The Hunger Games. Readers of one will likely enjoy the other, though in my opinion Card’s work is significantly better. Finally, if you enjoy the Graphic Novel and have not read the book, then you should pick up a copy as soon as you can.

Availability: Ender’s Game: Battle School is available only as a book in our Adult Graphic Fiction Collection. The novel that is the basis for the Graphic Novel, Ender’s Game, is available as a book, an audiobook, and an eAudiobook.

Reviewed by: Eric


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