Modern Family: Season 1 (DVD: 20th Century Fox TV) © 2010

Rating: 5/5

Summary: A comical family faces the “new norm” of America by learning to love each member, new and old, accompanied by their lifestyle or quirks. No matter the challenge, this family grows by confronting the elephant in the room and laughing along the way. This family experiences current real life situations that bring contagious laughter and knowledge.

Review For having very little TV time I flew through season 1 and am anxious to pick up season 2. I praised the series for showing the struggle for some and acceptance in others on each lifestyle. You can’t have one or two favorite characters on this show, they all throw you through loops and induce laughter so loud it leaves you wondering if your neighbors can hear you.

More Movies Like This: Arrested Development (seasons one – three) and Weeds (seasons one – eight) are all available on DVD.

Availability: Seasons 1-4 are available on DVD at the Lake Bluff Library in the DVD TV section.

Review by: Kira


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