Did you know honeybees are the only insect that produces food for humans? Bob Meyers, local resident and beekeeper, recently presented interesting facts about honeybees and the art of beekeeping during one of the library’s adult programs. During the program, the audience learned that bees and plants have a symbiotic relationship, where bees help pollinate garden plants enabling them to thrive and produce fruit while also acquiring their food source, nectar and pollen from the plants.

As bees gather pollen and nectar for their survival, they pollinate many fruit bearing trees and plants. Commercial and backyard farmers have recognized the value of bloom time pollination by bees for some time. Without the help of bees, many crops would experience dramatic losses in their produce yields. A hive or two in your garden can make a big difference in the yield and size of the produce grown on both your personal plot and that of a nearby farmer’s land. Adopting this environmentally friendly hobby is a great way for an individual gardener to help feed the world!

The titles below on the subject of beekeeping are located in the corresponding nonfiction sections of the Lake Bluff Public Library.

Product DetailsThe Complete Step-by-Step Book of Beekeeping: A Practical Guide to Beekeeping, From Setting up a Colony to Hive Management and Harvesting the Honey
by David Cramp
Located in the Adult Nonfiction Collection

Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture
by Ross Conrad
Located in the Adult Nonfiction Collection



Why Do Bees Buzz? Fascinating Answers to Questions about Bees
by Elizabeth Evans
Located in the Adult Nonfiction Collection

Fruitless fall: the collapse of the honey bee and the coming agricultural crisis
by Rowan Jacobsen
Located in the Adult Nonfiction Collection



City of Bees
Screenplay by Bertel Torne Olsen & Laila Hodell
Located in the Juvenile Non fiction DVD collection



Vanishing of the Bees
written by Maryam Henein, George Langworthy & James Erskine
Located in the Adult Non fiction DVD collection




Materials selected by: Carol


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