The Princess Bride (Juvenile Fiction) © 1973

Rating: 4/5

Summary: Presents the timeless love story between a farm boy named Westley and the beautiful Princess Buttercup, along with the author’s comments on life and art as he attempts to edit the children’s classic.

Review: I’d been meaning to read this for forever. I grew up watching (and re-watching) the movie. It’s a great favorite of several of my favorite people, I’m honestly not sure how I’ve managed to avoid reading it up until now. It totally stood up to the weight of my expectations: meta-fiction, tongue-in-cheek, high adventure, and true love at its best. Many classic fairy tale and adventure tropes are tackled and improved by William Goldman’s witty rapier of a pen. If you’ve seen the fabulous movie, you have a pretty good idea of the book. This is one of the few examples where the movie does the book justice, helped tremendously by the fact that William Goldman wrote the book and the screenplay. And while they both feel true to the other, they each have their own charms, because William Goldman really understands the merits and differences between telling a story as a movie and a book.

Read-a-likes: Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine, Dealing with Dragons by Patricia Wrede, Once Upon a Marigoldby Jean Ferris 

Availability: This book is available through the Lake Bluff Public Library’s juvenile fiction collection and as an ebook on My Media Mall. You can also find the film adaptation in the Children’s Department.

Reviewed by: Eliza

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