Pitch Perfect (DVD: Universal Pictures and Gold Circle Films) © 2012

Summary: The Barden Bellas are a college female a cappella group that has gotten by on bombshell looks and bland repertoire. But after a disastrous attempt at last year’s finals, the Bellas are forced to try to reinvent their image and extend their membership to a quirkier group of singers. Despite her best efforts, Beca, an amateur DJ and music aficionado, has been recruited to join the Bellas. But Beca might have the kind of musical innovation that the Bellas need in order to win finals—if she can get the other girls to listen and take some risks.

Review: The music from Pitch Perfect has been on perpetual repeat on my laptop and iPod since I first watched the movie back in April. You might think, “Wow, you must be surrounded by very patient people,” which is true, but I would also argue that the music is really that good (even after the 10,000th play). Anna Kendrick shines as Beca, combining the dry, deadpan wit of Tina Fey with a voice rival to Idina Menzel of Wicked fame. Pitch Perfect is a funny and smart take on the world of college a cappella that is perfect for people who would like Glee with a little more of a bite.

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Reviewed by: Martha


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