Girls (DVD:HBO) © 2012-2013

Book JacketRating: 4/5

Summary: A controversial series, Lena Dunham’s “Girls” features the less-than-glamorous lives of four Brooklyn twenty-somethings. Aspiring author Hannah spends the first two seasons searching for stories—at any cost. Marnie, Hannah’s best friend, navigates the art world and a serious relationship. Bohemian Jessa charms and dismays her friends and strangers alike with her antic adventures. Shoshanna, Jessa’s neurotic cousin, is innocent to a fault.

Review: The response to this series has been mixed. It’s easy to applaud Dunham for creating a series that does not portray twenty-somethings with the veneer that is so often seen on similar shows. These girls are not perfect. They are not all thin or sexy or even all that interesting. Dunham has confidence that is refreshing to see on TV, but this is the heart of the problem with this show. “Girls”, despite (or perhaps because of) its quirks, does not portray the reality of life for the majority of girls in their twenties. These are spoiled, semi-intellectual girls without an ounce of true introspection. While the effect is fun and sometimes funny, the characters are not particularly endearing. However, compared to much of the other programming available, this show is a breath of fresh air.

More Like This: Fans of “Girls” might also like the DVDs “Portlandia,” Moonrise Kingdom, Somewhere, and the book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling

Availability: The first and second seasons are available on DVD at the Lake Bluff Library in the DVD TV section.

Reviewed by: Amelia


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