The Light Between Oceans (by M.L. Stedman: Fiction) © 2012

Book JacketRating: 3.5/5

Summary: Set on a remote lighthouse island in the 1920s a young married couple plays finders keepers with another woman’s child. The action justified solely by the wife that cannot carry her own child into this world. The repercussions down the road are not forgotten by one, the other is determined this child is God’s gift. In this book, guilt and betrayal arouse from the least likely characters. Does the punishment fit the crime in the end? You will have to decide that for yourself.

Review: This story stirred my emotions from hearing many sides of the same story. The last half of the book kept me poised and anticipating the next person’s unpredictable action or words.

Read-a-Likes: Collateral by Ellen Hopkins.

Availability: This book is available in Audiobook and large print.

Reviewed by: Kira


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