The Chase (by Clive Cussler: Fiction) c. 2007

Summary: The year is 1906, and the Western United States have been plagued for two years by a series of brutal bank robberies. The robber never leaves clues, kills all witnesses, and disappears like an apparition after each crime. Frustrated by the lack of leads, the US Government hires the renowned Van Dorn Detective Agency and it’s lead detective Isaac Bell to bring the culprit to justice. The tall, rangy Bell has earned a reputation for seeing what others miss and ability to deduce the motives and patterns of the criminals he pursues, but in the so-called ‘Butcher Bandit’ he may perhaps have met his match.

Review: As with most of Cussler’s works, there is a touch of the incredible, and a shade machismo. In a word, he’s always a fun read as long as you’re willing to suspend your doubt going in. This book, though, requires less suspension of doubt than some of Cussler’s other characters and Isaac Bell is an engaging protagonist.


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