RED (Summit Entertainment) 2011

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The movie opens with Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) meandering around his relatively mundane life. The highlight of his day appears to be tearing up government checks and calling his case worker, whom he is clearly interested in, to fix the repeated “errors.”

Flash forward to one night when Frank’s house is attacked by half a dozen armed men. Just when you think the aging man is doomed, he single-handedly incapacitates each one and leaves unscathed, while his bullet-ridden home crumbles in the background. Thus begins the mysterious journey into Frank’s past and his attempt to find his attackers.

Joining him on his quest are fellow retired agents of various calibers, each quirkier than the last. Famous names to look for include John Malkovich, Karl Urban, Morgan Freeman, Ernest Borgnine, Helen Mirren, and Richard Dreyfuss. And let’s be honest, has Morgan Freeman ever been in a bad movie?

Full of riveting, thrilling chases and a delightfully hilarious all-star cast, Red provides both humor, suspense, and an intriguing plot that shows things do get better with age. The library owns this in both Blu-ray and DVD.

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