Castle: Complete First Season (DVD: ABC Studios) c.2009

Summary: Nathan Fillion stars as Richard Castle, a successful but bored mystery writer. When he meets Detective Kate Beckett (played by Stana Katic) he finds a cure for his boredom, as well as the source of inspiration for a new series. Castle manages to finagle his way into a position as an observer with the police, and a crime solving duo is born.

Review: Fans of gritty police sagas who like to see the details done right will be a bit frustrated here, as by-the-book police work gets more lip service than actual practice. In addition, Richard Castle is to writing as Indiana Jones is to archeology: an incredible outsiders fantasy. If you’re willing to roll with that, however, this is a wildly entertaining show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. While the whole cast is good, Fillion fills the shoes of the goofy central character masterfully.

View/Read-a-likes: If you enjoy Castle, you might try reading other mysteries with a touch of humor, such as the works of Donald Westlake. And, of course, fans of the show should not miss the series of Nikki Heat novels being turned out for ABC by a ghost writer paid to step into Richard Castle’s shoes. Finally, those grabbed by actor Nathan Fillion should take a peak at his work in the TV show Firefly, and the movies Serenity, Trucker and Waitress.

Availability: The first three seasons of Castle are available from the Lake Bluff Public Library on DVD. Click here to check on the availability.

Review by Eric.


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