Okami (Nintendo Wii) c.2008

Summary: Play as the wolf god incarnation of the Japanese sun god Amaterasu and channel your celestial powers through the divine paintbrush to restore beauty and order to a bleak world overrun by evil.

Review: Since its release in 2006, Okami has been the favorite poster child of proponents of video games as art. And while the game is 5 years old, this 2008 Nintendo Wii version is still absolutely lovely. The game play is fun and simple, and lends itself well to the retroactive adaptation of the Wii-mote. Mostly. There are a few brush moves that feel wonky, but it generally works.

Play-a-likes: Fans of the artistic elements here should check out the equally paint based Epic Mickey. At it’s heart this is a platformer, like the Mario and Zelda games. More innovative games in those series, like Paper Mario and Twilight Princess, will be particularly worth a look.

Availability: The library owns this game for the Nintendo Wii. Click here to check the availability!

Reviewed by Eric.


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