Remembering 9-11

As we all know, the ten-year anniversary of September 11 is this Sunday. In remembrence of that day, here’s a list of a variety of items about that day.

Sunday is also the first Sunday of the fall we are open.

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Inside 9-11: What Really Happened by Der Spiegel

A sectioned book by the authors of Der Spiegel magazine. The book includes a chronology of the events, as well as appendicies with lots of reference material and excerpts.

Appeal: well-researched, compelling, engaging.


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The 9/11 Report : A Graphic Adaptation by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón

For those graphic fans out there, try this adaptation of the original book. Though only 15% as thick as the non-graphic version, the book’s visuals compensate completely.

Appeal: Heart-wrenching, graphic, powerful

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A History of the World Since 9/11 by Dominic Streatfeild

British journalist Streatfeild examines eight different cases resulting from the 9/11 war on terror. The narrative format and involvement with each case creates an engaging read.

Appeal: Bleak, Gripping, Unique

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Netherland by Joesph O’Neill

In this fiction, post-9/11 New York novel, Dutch banker Hans joins an underground league called the West Indian New Yorkers. An “outsider’s” account of New York’s culture depicts rebirth and the American Dream

Appeal: Charming, Bittersweet, Evocative

Winner of the 2009 Pen Faulkner Award for Fiction

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The Devil’s Light by Richard North Patterson

A twist on the 9/11 attacks, this fiction work follows an order from Osama Bin Laden to attack Israel. On top of that, the attack is supposed to happen on 9/11 itself. Brooke Chandler, CIA operative, must convince his superiors of this before it’s too late.

Appeal: Thrilling, Fast-Paced, Suspenseful


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