Rogue Warrior: Domino Theory (by Richard Marcinko) c. 2011

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Looking for your next check-out? Try the 16th installment of the Rogue Warrior series by Richard Marcinko.

All about Navy SEALS, this ex-SEAL uses his personal experience to vividly portray a mission he and his team undertake in India.

Fast-paced and containing some light humor, this book offers a true-life based and, at times, brutally honest glimpse into the lives of the SEALS. Though born from Marcinko’s experiences, the book is mainly fiction, and therefore commands a sense of urgency and adventure.

Appeal: Fast-Paced, Violent, Thrilling, Graphic, Intriguing, Engrossing, Militaristic, First-Person Perspective

Booklist Review:

Marcinko maintains his grasp of high-adventure military fiction in his latest effort starring Rogue Warrior Jim “Demo Dick” DeFelice. The Indian government comes calling this time, requesting that the Rogue Warrior and his team help with security for the upcoming Commonwealth Games, an Olympics-like extravaganza in which various countries from around the world will be participating. Will Dick be able to keep the peace? Not exactly. As the team begins training, a plot involving the theft of nuclear weapons, seemingly using guards who are working for the enemy, ups the ante. Marcinko and DeFelice’s usual sarcastic edge is razor sharp here, and the story line is tight and exciting. Military fiction fans who haven’t read any Rogue Warrior novels will find this one a great place to start. It’s over the top, as always, but that’s part of the fun in this high-testosterone series. One of the best Rogue Warrior novels in years. — Ayers, Jeff (Reviewed 06-01-2011) (Booklist, vol 107, number 19, p44)


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