Gideon’s Sword (by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child) c.2011

Author: Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln

Title: Gideon’s Sword

Genre: Suspense

Publication Date: 2011

Number of Discs: 9 CDs, 10 Hours.

Geographical Setting: United States and various European countries

Time Period: 1980s to Present

Series: Gideon Crew, Book 1

Plot Summary: Gideon Crew, computer technology genius and all-around thief, spends his entire development undertaking the challenge of vindicating his deceased father from the shame of a crime he did not commit. Having succeeded eventually, after many years of study with the sole purpose of acquitting his father, Gideon looks forward to a normal life at long last. Unfortunately for him, a man named Manuel Garza literally steals him away and introduces him to someone who can pay him $100,000 to perform one task. The problem, as with many undercover activities, is that obstacles immediately jump in Gideon’s path, launching the listener into a fast-paced race against the clock, to prevent the shift of power among world nations.

The reader, Broadway actor and television star John Glover, highlights the sense of urgency in the book. His even-toned voice often leaves the listener hanging on by a thread, and in constant suspense.

Subject Headings: Children of murder victims, Fiction; Revenge, Fiction; Suspense fiction; Secrets; Murder witnesses; Fathers – death; Wrongful death.

Appeal: Engrossing, engaging, intriguing, multiple points of view, well-drawn, action-oriented, character-centered, investigative, linear, details of computer science and physics, political, dangerous, smart, unusual, witty.

3 Terms that Best Describe this Book: Plot-centered, vivid, contemporary.

Similar Fiction Authors and Works:

Lee Child’s The Hard WaySuspenseful, plot-centered, and fast-paced; a series read-a-like as well with a similar focus on revenge.

Brad Meltzer’s The Book of FateSuspenseful, plot-driven, and richly detailed; a legal thriller with government conspiracy.

Robin Cook’s Foreign BodySuspenseful, plot-driven, and dramatic; a medical thriller dealing with unexplained deaths, also a series.

Relevant Non-Fiction Works and Authors

Ben Macintyre’s Agent ZigzagIntriguing, meticulously researched, and exhilarating; a biography of German WWII spy Eddie Chapman.

Annotation by Carlen


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