Best Picture Nominees… #3

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Movie 3… Toy Story 3

Summary: The third installment of Pixar’s groundbreaking trilogy. Andy, beloved child and toy-owner, is off to college. Only one question remains: what to do with Andy’s toys? The familiar characters – and many new ones to boot, set off on a whirlwind adventure to ensure they are never forgotten.

Appeal: Die-hard fans who have long-awaited the release of this third installment will not be disappointed by the sophisticated graphics and creative plot line. The pace is measured, but keeps the interest of viewers satisfactorily. Highlights of the movie include the deep emotional connection between the viewers and the toys; a pleasant surprise!

All-in-all, Toy Story 3 is a respectable continuation of a successful storyline, with plenty of heart and humor.

Three words that best describe this film: Character-centered, Evocative, Vivid


Toy Story and Toy Story 2


How to Train Your Dragon

Review by Carlen


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