Best Picture Nominees… #2

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Movie #2… The Social Network

A glimpse into the glamorous and, at times, not so glamorous creation of Facebook.

Summary: Mark Zuckerberg, severly socially-challenged computer genius and student at Harvard (it’s 2003, by the way), decides to create a website that will display every woman on campus and allow the viewer to “rate” them by attractiveness. As a result, Zuckerberg hacks into the Harvard computer network. The insane popularity of this site causes the Harvard network to crash.

Following the incident, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss approach Zuckerberg regarding their desire to start the “Harvard Connection.” Zuckerberg instead decides to create “Thefacebook,” which was much broader in scope.


The movie is surprisingly fast-paced. Characters are introduced quickly, but develop over time. Though it seems “Thefacebook” is created easily, the viewer gets to see the degrees of math and structure that go into creating the complicated site. As a result, nerd stereotypes are plentiful.

The multiple plot lines and flashbacks create a layered plot. Conflict in the movie makes it issue-oriented. Though plot-centered, the movie is thought-provoking and authentic.

Overall, The Social Network presents an bittersweet, engaging, and frank representation of its plot and characters.

Three words that best describe this film: Contemporary, Smart, Dramatic


Scott Pilgrim Versus the World

Dark Knight



The Accidental Billionaires (The book the movie is based on)

Review by Carlen

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