Best Picture Nominees… #1

After watching the Academy Awards, I thought it would be a great idea to review all of the nominees for best picture. Look for the reviews as the library acquires the movies on video.

Movie #1… Inception

Being the science-fiction nerd that I am, I enjoyed nearly every aspect of this movie, so prepare yourself for a glowing review.


The ever-talented Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, a con artist who steals information from big-wigs. The catch: he infiltrates a person’s subconscious by going into his or her dreams and getting the “mark” to divulge secrets. After a failed infiltration, the “mark” hires Cobb and his associates to not steal information from a competitor for him, but rather plant an idea to benefit him financially.

Additionally, Cobb’s specialty is layers of dreams; dreams within dreams. Cobb takes on the challenge, and his team follows. The addition of a new team member allows the viewer to learn about dream manipulation as she does, which explains many technically confusing aspects of the movie.


The movie is initially fast-paced, though tapers toward the end to allow for the plot to complete. Character development is only as deep as the needs of the film require, though the actors are well-cast. The nature of the layered dreams allow a multi-layered storyline within a linear timeline. Inception is exciting, visually stimulating, and a testament to what 21st century visual effects can do for a movie. Those who abhor tacked-on romances in films will be glad to know there are none in this movie (a personal pet-peeve).

Whether or not the movie is open-ended varies, depending on the viewer’s perspective, though it was closed enough that I am not anticipating a sequel.

All in all, I found the effects beyond impressive (if you have a Blu-ray player, I highly suggest you watch the Blu-ray), the concept unique, and the execution nearly flawless. Truly an engaging film!

Three words that best describe this film: Exciting, Thought-Provoking, Engrossing



Alice in Wonderland

Iron Man (1 or 2)

Different titles:


The Social Network

Easy A

Review by Carlen


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