How to Train Your Dragon (DreamWorks Animation) c.2010

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[Juvenile DVD]

A unique and quirky look into the lives of Vikings and their pests… dragons. Hiccup, a Viking youth and blacksmith, wants nothing more than to be a dragon fighter. His lady crush, Astrid, is cream of the crop when it comes to taking down the flying nuisances, and he attempts to impress her.

Soon, Hiccup is able to catch a dragon and ironically becomes friends with “Toothless;” a literal wild ride ensues for Hiccup to better understand these creatures the Vikings share their land with.

Hiccup is an engaging and insightful character. His sympathetic and kind nature contrast with the often narrow-minded views of his fellow Vikings. The mystical nature of the storyline is both investigative and action-oriented. While it is a juvenile film, it appeals to adults as well. Finally, the animation is well-done and enjoyable. All in all, a very engrossing film!

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Review by Carlen


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