Impact (Fiction: by Douglas Preston) c. 2010

Summary: Wyman Ford, ex-CIA agent, is tapped once again tapped for a secret mission, this time to investigate a crater deep in the Cambodian jungle. Meanwhile, two young women set off to find a meteor that landed on an island somewhere off the coast of Maine. And at the National Propulsion Facility, suspicious gamma ray data detected by the Mars orbiter is being violently suppressed. Ford has sixty hours to piece it all together, or the consequences will be devastating.

Review: This is the second novel (after Blasphemy) to feature Wyman Ford exclusively. It does have a stronger and more interesting story to tell, and one that’s less likely to be banned by the Vatican. Unfortunately, the execution here lacks the chilling believability of Blasphemy. It’s a fun read, to be sure, but there are too many moments that strain credibility for it to be great.

Read-a-likes: As always, Preston is a great alternative for Michael Crichton readers. This book does trend a little bit more into science fiction territory, so fans of books that feature humanity taking the first tentative steps out into a larger universe should also be rewarded. This would include Pushing Ice by Alistair Reynolds and the works of Arthur C. Clarke and Ben Bova.

Availability: This item is available as a book and audiobook from the Lake Bluff Public Library. Click here to check on the availability!

Review by Eric.


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