Goldeneye 007 (Nintendo) c.2010

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For those who have long waited for a version of the N64’s Goldeneye game with better graphics, updated storylines, and more challenging tasks, you need wait no more!

While the general storyline remains the same, objectives have been upgraded in difficulty and length. As a dedicated player and fan of the N64 version of the game, I found “teaching” myself how to play this new version challenging at first, but eventually I had the hang of it and was playing like a madwoman.

Updates to the game include more realistic weapons techniques, a Smartphone for spying and photographing objects, and Daniel Craig as 007 himself. Also integrated into the game are longer movie-like scenes. Anyone who has played Metal Gear Solid 4 would probably remember this style of game. But be careful! Sometimes interaction is required at the very end of a scene, so pay attention! I died more than once by taking “refreshment breaks.”

All in all, this is a respectable remake of a classic game. With the original screenwriter from the movie involved in the creation of the game, it follows a logical sequence of events. It is also similar enough to the N64 game to appease die-hard fans.

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Review by Carlen


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