Dokapon Kingdom (Nintendo Wii) c.2008

Summary: A role-playing game involving strategy, wit, and beating opponents senseless. Win a kingdom and edge out the competition. Humiliate rivals by writing on their faces, shaving their heads, and changing their names. Hire assassins, bribe the king, steal identities, and rob others blind across 7 continents.

Review: The box advertises this game as “Friendship-Destroying”, and that’s not that far off base. There are so many off-the-wall things that players can do to each other, on top of the insanity inflicted by the game, that an ability to stay calm is essential. Those who cannot may throw their Wii mote through a window. Those who can, though, will enjoy this incredibly deep party game. There are a crazy number of things to do, and the game makes certain that no one is ever out of contention. The mildly debauched shenanigans  have earned this a light E 10+ ESRB rating.

Play-a-likes: The Nintendo Wii has plenty of multiplayer games, though unlike, say, Super Mario Bros. or Ghost Squad, there’s a lot more direct competition here. If you enjoyed picking off friends in GoldenEye 007, and perhaps wanted to shave their head once they were down, this is the game for you.

Availability: This game is available at the Lake Bluff Public Library for the Nintendo Wii. Click here to check the availability!


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