Joy to the World (Pink Martini) c.2010

Summary: Holiday music from ‘little symphony’ Pink Martini.

Review: Okay, fair warning, I may be the library staff member least in-the-know about music. That said, I do enjoy the cross-genre (classical, jazz and pop) stylings of Pink Martini. There are 14 tracks on this disk; 10 are Christmas tunes, 2 Hanukkah and 2 New Years. Many of the tracks are very traditional, and no single song really stood out to me. I’ve been trained by the groups earlier work to expect a high level of creativity and always at least one, but usually more, tracks that absolutely floor me. Not only did I not find that here, but some of the renditions were so standard that they lacked any sign of the bands typical panache. That said, this is a group that does mediocre at a level well beyond what most groups would consider great. If you’re looking for holiday music, its a nice CD; if you’ve been following the group, it’s non-essential unless you’re a completist.

Listen-a-likes: If you enjoyed this CD because it’s the holidays, the library has a plentiful supply of holiday music. We’ve got an entire collection upstairs; CD HOLIDAY. If you enjoyed the band, you might try Madeleine Peyroux. Pink Martini is a relatively unique group, so there simply aren’t a lot of groups that are in the same ball park.

Availability: The Lake Bluff Public Library owns this item as a CD. Click here to check on the availability!


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