Glee – Season 1, Volume 1 (20th Cent. Fox) c.2009

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A well-done, over-the-top, satire series of high school glee club life is portrayed in this first volume of season 1. While one may think the high school social drama has been done and done again, the dynamic cast of characters will keep many people laughing and entertained.
Rachel, high school sophomore and all-around overachiever, desires to be the star of the glee club, and she doesn’t want to share the limelight! Her teammates include members of the football team, the national-winning cheerleading team (Cheerios), and assorted high-school misfits. Combined, the glee team is an eclectic group of hilarity.
There are also very well-scripted and well cast teachers and coaches in the series. Perhaps the highlight of the staff is the Cheerios’ coach, Sue Sylvester, whose utter hate for both the glee club’s budget stealing presence and the hair of glee club’s coach, Will Schuester, is hysterical.
Full of both youth and adult humor, and sprinkled with real problems of both teens and adults, Glee is worth checking out today.
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Review by Carlen

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