The Replacement (by Brenna Yovanoff) c. 2010

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Mackie Doyle would like the townspeople of Gentry to think that he is just like any other sixteen year old.  However, he is a Replacement, a being from under the slag heaps of the old mine at the edge of town.  Every year, an infant disappears from Gentry and is replaced with one of these strange beings—things not quite human that always sicken and die within of few weeks of coming up from underground.  How did Mackie survive to teenhood?  Who is taking the human babies and why haven’t the people of Gentry put a stop to these abductions?  Mackie has lived among the humans long enough to want to put a stop to the infanticide and free the people of Gentry from the terror and silence that grips them.  When the baby sister of the beautiful and intriguing Tate disappears, Mackie must decide whether to take on the sinister forces that lurk below and face the truth about who he really is.  This is a truly original tale, written in the voice of an unlikely hero.  The author skillfully and eerily juxtaposes the beautiful and the hideous in this memorable story.  Horror/Romance


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