Compromised (Heidi Ayarbe) 2010

Maya is a fifteen year old science whiz whose con-man father has kept them running from place to place ever since she can remember.  When the authorities finally catch up with her father and put him in jail, Maya is sent to a halfway house for foster kids.  Her father soon relinquishes custody of Maya to the state of Nevada, yet states that Maya has an Aunt Sarah.  The authorities brush aside his claims as yet more lies when their search for Aunt Sarah is unsuccessful.  Maya decides to find Aunt Sarah on her own, escapes from the halfway house, and suddenly becomes a homeless runaway following a very cold trail to the only family she may have left.  During her grueling and harrowing journey, Maya begins to realize that her scientific approach to life does not always take human frailty and needs  into account.  She becomes aware that not all of life’s circumstances fall into easy categories of black or white, good or bad, right or wrong.  Maya’s character and the characters of her two unlikely traveling companions are fully fleshed-out and believable.  Don’t let the rather boring title and book cover fool you–this story is fast-paced and well-written!  Gritty, yet thought-provoking Realistic Fiction.


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