The Spectacular Now (by Tim Tharp) c.2008

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[Teen Fiction]

High school senior Sutter Keely has a great life. He’s popular, he has a beautiful girlfriend, and he’s a party animal. His main problem? He has a slight alcohol problem.

…to say the least. His knack for “fortifying” himself at most times of the day affects him mentally, as well as those around him.

After he passes out drunk in a yard in the middle of the night, he meets Aimee, a shy girl who has done little with her life besides throw her mother’s paper route and get good grades. As a result, both their lives begin to change. Will Sutter’s life turn for the better with Aimee’s influence? You’ll have to check it out to find out!

Tharp does a very good job at keeping the reader interested, and this book is written realistically and honestly.

This book was also a National Book Award finalist.

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Review by Carlen


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