Ostrich Boys (Keith Gray) 2009

Fifteen year olds Blake, Sim, and Kenny have just attended the funeral of their best fried, Ross, who was killed by a motorist while riding his bike.  The three boys agree that the funeral was pointless and insulting to the memory of Ross–no one who even knew Ross well spoke at the service!  Ross had always spoken wistfully of moving to the town of Ross, Scotland, where he was certain he would “find himself” and become a great writer.  The boys decide to give Ross a fitting memorial by stealing the urn containing his ashes and going on a 261 mile road trip from Cleethorpes, England, to Ross in southern Scotland.  The events along the way provide plenty of laughs for the reader, yet the boys come to discover that it is easy to ignore certain difficult truths that are staring you right in the face.  If you have aspirations to be a filmmaker, keep this one in mind–it would make a great movie!  Funny and poignant Realistic Fiction.

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