Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 1 (by Hiro Arikawa) c.2010

Library Wars by Hiro Arikawa [Teen Fiction]

Illustrated by Kiiro Yumi

Hold onto your seats! The world of libraries is about to get very exciting! Join Iku Kasahara, a member of the Library Forces, as she and her classmates fight the oppressive government and strive for literary and intellectual freedom!

Iku Kasahara, along with her classmate Asako and the short but talented Dojo, goes on a whirlwind ride of adventures to take down the oppressive Media Betterment Act, issued by the government. From such activities as acquiring books on request for patrons to military training, this graphic novel will entice both library patrons and librarians alike!

Description: Fast-Paced, Energetic, Graphic Novel

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Review by Carlen

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