Alanna: The First Adventure (by Tamora Pierce) c. 1989

Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce
c. 1989
[Young Adult Fiction]
[Electronic Resource (My Media Mall eAudiobook)]

Alanna of Trebound wants to be a knight more than anything in the world. The problem? Girls aren’t allowed to be knights. But a few pesky rules aren’t about to stand in the way of Alanna achieving her dreams. With a haircut and the new name of Alan, Alanna enlists as a page and begins her unlikely journey to knighthood. But as Alanna develops her skills as a warrior, her gift for magic begins to make itself apparent, ultimately forcing Alanna to make a difficult choice: to expose herself for who she really is or risk the lives of everyone in the castle.

Alanna: The First Adventure is merely the first installment in a fantastically written quartet. Alanna is a memorable character, remarkable in both her strengths and her flaws. Pierce deftly handles all the tribulations and self-doubt that comes with being eleven in a way that is realistic and relatable. Pierce also succeeds at writing a book with strong feminist leanings without beating the reader over the head with her beliefs. The entire quartet is a beautiful coupling of adventure and growing up.

If you enjoy Alanna: The First Adventure, check out the second book in the Song of the Lioness quartet, In the Hand of the Goddess. Readers who enjoy the Song of the Lioness quartet might also enjoy Pierce’s other books, including her follow-up quartet The Immortals, which begins with Wild Magic. Fans of Tamora Pierce might also enjoy the works of Robin McKinley, Patricia C. Wrede, Shannon Hale, and Donna Jo Napoli.

Pros: Strong female protagonist, accurate portrayal of the trials and tribulations of growing up.

Review by Martha


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