Scandinavian Mystery Writers

With Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy capturing attention world wide, more eyes are turning to Sweden. But Stieg Larsson is just one in a long tradition of Scandinavian Mystery Writers. Here are some of the Scandinavian Mystery writers you can find at Lake Bluff Library:

Karin Alvtegen
Swedish. Her novel, Missing was nominated for the 2009 Edgar Awards, and won the Glass Key, a Nordic crime writing award.

K. O. Dahl (Kjell Ola Dahl)
Norwegian. His novels follow the cases of two Oslo detectives, Inspector Frank Frolich and Chief Inspector Gunnarstranda, starting with The Fourth Man.

Kjell Eriksson
Swedish. He won the Swedish Crime Writer’s Academy Best Swedish Crime Novel Award in 2002 for The Princess of Burundi.

Åke Edwardson
Swedish. Åke Edwardson is a three-time winner of the Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy Award for best crime novel. Sun and Shadow follows Sweden’s youngest chief inspector, Erik Winter, as he tries to solve a grisly double-murder that is threatening his city, Gothenberg, Sweden, and may yet prove more personal than even that.

Karin Fossum
Norwegian. Known in her own country as “the Norwegian queen of crime”, she reigns with convoluted plots and complex characters in her Inspector Sejer mysteries.

Peter Høeg
Danish. Perhaps best known for Smilla’s Sense of Snow, Høeg specializes in intricate literary thrillers that blur the line between science and magic.

Arnaldur Indriðason
Icelandic. In 2004, his novels made up seven of the ten most popular books checked out at Reykjavík City Library. He has won a Glass Key Award, a literature prize for the best Nordic crime fiction, and a Crime Writer’s Association Gold Dagger for his novels.

Mari Jungstedt
Swedish. The Inner Circle is set on the island of Gotland, Sweden. Inspector Anders Knutas is presented with the ritualistic infused murder of an archeology student, and the novel had themes borrowed from the sagas of the past.

Camilla Läckberg
Swedish. In her debut, The Ice Princess, Camilla Läckberg chronicles how secrets can never stay buried, and silence can kill the soul. It won France’s 2008 Grand Prix de Littérature Policière for Best International Crime Novel.

Åsa Larsson
Swedish. She won Sweden’s Best First Crime Novel when she introduced Rebecka Martinsson, a tax lawyer who gets drawn back to her hometown of Kiruna. In The Blood Spilt, Martinsson gets called back to Kiruna after the murder of a feminist priest who has as many enemies as friends.

Stieg Larsson
Swedish. International Bestselling author of the Millennium Trilogy, Larsson chronicles the dynamic duo of Mikael Blomkvist, a daring journalist and amateur sleuth, and Lisbeth Salander, a gritty and independently minded hacker with her own brand of justice, as they confront modern injustices.

Henning Mankell
Swedish. Popular bestselling author Henning Mankell is very politically active. His mystery series, following Inspector Kurt Wallander, have won many awards, including the German Crime Prize, and the British CWA Gold Dagger.

Jo Nesbø

Norwegian. Nesbø is primarily famous for his Harry Hole mystery series, but he also moonlights as the lead singer and songwriter for the Norwegian band Di Derre.

Håkan Nesser Norwegian. He has won the Best Swedish Crime Novel Award three times, and the Glass Key. He has lived in Upsalla, New York and London. His character, Van Veeteren, lives in the ficticious city of Maardam, located in an unspecified North European country that resembles Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany.

Anders Roslund/Borge Hellström are a Swedish crime writing duo.
Roslund is a journalist, and Hellström is the founder of an organization that focuses on crime prevention. Together they write novels that invert the norms to question the source of a crime.

Johan Theorin
Swedish. He won Best First Mystery Novel for his novel Echoes From the Dead, and he has won the Glass Key Award.


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