The End (by Lemony Snicket) c.2006

The End by Lemony Snicket [Electronic Resource (My Media Mall eBook)] [Children’s Fiction]

As a former avid purveyor of the first twelve novels in this Series of Unfortunate Events, tension mounted within me at the possibility of the Baudelaire orphans finally coming to terms with their own sad, tragic lives. Although the sometimes lacking plot line left me desiring more, I felt it was a respectable end to a series of a whopping thirteen books!

On a side note, I had the unique pleasure to read this book on a Nook, an eBook reader. As a very dedicated reader of only books, I was pleased at the no-strain eye quality of the e-ink used. I would compare the display to that of a calculator. It was truly wonderful! We have many eBooks available through My Media Mall, of which many libraries, Lake Bluff and Lake Forest included, are members. Don’t forget to check out the collection of eAudiobooks and movies as well! If you have questions, just ask us!

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Review by Carlen


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