The Housekeeper and the Professor (by Yoko Ogawa) C.2009

The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa [Adult Fiction]

I had read a review of this novel a while back and made a note to myself to read it at some point. The thing that most intrigued me from the review was that the professor in this novel has a short-term memory of only 80 minutes. Having seen several movies to this effect, I was curious to read a novel with a similar theme.

Yoko Ogawa does a skillful job of evolving the three main characters, the housekeeper, her son, and the professor. It’s impressive that someone with only an 80-minute memory can be so involved with the people around him.

The professor was a math professor, and as so allows the housekeeper and her son to see the beauty in numbers. Unfortunately for myself, I did not find numbers beautiful enough to withstand the increasingly long math formulas present in the book.

Description: Great Character Development, Unique Plot, Endearing

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Review by Carlen


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