Photography 101

Our Photography 101 program will be held on Thursday July 19th at 7:00pm.

Mike Trahan will cover practical things you can do to improve your pictures including need-to-know basics, composition guidelines, practical shooting techniques, and other topics related to photography. This presentation is oriented to beginner and early intermediate photographers. Mr. Trahan is a member of two Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association clubs and the Lake County Camera Club where he was a past president. He has won several photo contests in in the United States and Canada. Check out his photos at

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Book for Beginners – Scott Kelby
The world’s #1 bestselling Lightroom book has been updated in this latest version for Lightroom 6. Kelby uses his same award-winning, step-by-step, plain-English style and layout to make learning Lightroom easy and fun.

Adventure Photography – Michael Clark
This beautifully produced guide is the first book on a fast-growing photographic genre including shooting today’s popular extreme outdoor sports and more.

Digital Nature & Landscape Photography – Mark Lucock
This beautifully produced and illustrated reference outlines simple techniques for assuring that your nature images achieve both technical and creative excellence.

The Digital Photography Complete Course (DK Publishing)
This book helps you to build your photography skills week-by-week. This is the perfect one-on-one learning program for any aspiring photographer.

Photographing Your Family – Joel Sartore
In this unique guide, staff photographer Joel Sartore takes the mystery out of making extraordinary pictures of kids with a hilarious tour through his own family albums.

The Beginner’s Photography Book (DK Publishing)
This guide’s easy-to-follow, step-by-step layout makes it accessible as it takes you through every technique you need to create stunning images, from exposure to flash to image enhancement.



Potty Training Books

Potty training can be a challenging task for any parent to accomplish. Here are an assortment of books that will make potty training fun and easy!

Literary website,, has put out a list of helpful potty training books for parents in need. All of these titles can be found on our library shelves.

Dinosaur vs. The Potty – Bob Shea
Dinosaur doesn’t need to use the potty. Even when making lemonade, running through the sprinkler, splashing in puddles, playing in the water… But wait, is that a victory dance or something else?

Duck Goes Potty – Michael Dahl
Now that Duck is big, he learns how to use the potty.

Everyone Poops – Taro Gomi
Part biology textbook, part sociological treatise shows how creatures throughout the animal world–including humans–deal with the products of digestion.

Once Upon a Potty (Boy and Girl versions available) – Alona Frankel
Explains in simple text and illustrations why and how a little boy or girl uses a potty.

Potty Animals – Hope Vestergaard
Meet Wilbur, who won’t wash his hands after going potty. Wilma, who waits too long…and sometimes doesn’t make it in time. And Freddie, who’s afraid to flush. These are just a few of the preschool animals who need a little help with their bathroom etiquette!

Potty – Leslie Patricelli
Baby, a toddler, decides to use the potty for the first time.

The Potty Train – David Hochman
Time to say good-bye to diapers and take the journey to Underpants Station.Are you ready? Let’s chug away on the Potty Train!

Uh Oh! Gotta Go! – Bob McGrath
Twenty-seven examples showing a variety of experiences of many different children during the toilet training process.


Tour de France

The Tour de France is an annual multiple stage bicycle race primarily held in France, while also occasionally making passes through nearby countries. It consists of 21 stages over a little more than 3 weeks. For more information, please visit

Our first floor display currently features books about cycling, noteworthy cyclists (especially Lance Armstrong), and how to get interested if you’re new to the sport.

A Hole in the Wind – David Goodrich
An epic bicycle journey across the American hinterland that explores the challenges of climate change alongside a diverse array of American voices.

The Loyal Lieutenant – George Hincapie
In this highly anticipated cycling memoir, Hincapie provides the most comprehensive account of a dark period in professional cycling, in which doping scandals have decimated the careers of some of the top athletes in the field.

Hell on Two Wheels – Amy Snyder
Three-time Ironman finisher Snyder takes the wraps off the best kept secret in the sports world, the Race Across America (RAAM), a bicycle race like no other. Unlike its famous cousin the Tour de France, RAAM is much crazier, more gothic, and even savage: once the gun goes off the clock doesn’t stop, and the first rider to complete the prescribed 3,000-mile route is the victor.

Seven Deadly Sins – David Walsh
The definitive account of the author’s twelve-year quest to uncover and make known the truth about Lance Armstrong’s long history of performance-enhancing drug use, which ultimately led to the cyclist’s being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles.

The Program (DVD)
An Irish sports journalist becomes convinced that Lance Armstrong’s performances during his Tour de France victories are fueled by banned substances. With this conviction, he starts hunting for evidence that will expose Armstrong.

The Bicycling Big Book of Cycling for Beginners – Tori Bortman
The indispensable, must-have guide for anyone looking to gear up and start pedaling.

The Armstrong Lie (DVD)
In 2009 Alex Gibney was hired to make a film about Lance Armstrong’s comeback to cycling. The project was shelved when the doping scandal erupted, and re-opened after Armstrong’s confession.

Wheelmen – Reed Albergotti
The first in-depth look at Lance Armstrong’s doping scandal, the phenomenal business success built on the back of fraud, and the greatest conspiracy in the history of sports

Tour de Lance – Bill Strickland
Strickland takes readers behind the scenes during the 2009 racing season and along for the ride on the Tour de France with a dramatic mile-by-mile account.

The Secret Race – Tyler Hamilton & Daniel Coyle
The book that rocked the world of professional cycling—and exposed, at long last, the doping culture surrounding the sport and its most iconic rider, Lance Armstrong


Local Favorites: July 6th

The following titles are current best-sellers this week at the Lake Forest Book Store. These books, along with many others, can be found on the shelves at the library! We look forward to seeing you stop by this summer!

Educated – Tara Westover
An unforgettable memoir about a young girl who, kept out of school, leaves her survivalist family and goes on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman
Eleanor struggles with appropriate social skills and tends to say exactly what she’s thinking. But everything changes when Eleanor meets Raymond, the bumbling and deeply unhygienic IT guy from her office.

I’ve Been Thinking… – Maria Shriver
A book of reflections for those seeking wisdom, guidance, encouragement, and inspiration on the road to a meaningful life.

Killers of the Flower Moon – David Grann
In the 1920s, the richest people per capita in the world were members of the Osage Indian Nation in Oklahoma. After oil was discovered beneath their land, the Osage rode in chauffeured automobiles, built mansions, and sent their children to study in Europe. Then, one by one, they began to be killed off.

Less – Andrew Sean Greer
Receiving an invitation to his ex-boyfriend’s wedding, Arthur, a failed novelist on the eve of his fiftieth birthday, embarks on an international journey that finds him falling in love, risking his life, reinventing himself, and making connections with the past.

Nine Women, One Dress – Jane L. Rosen
A charming, hilarious, irresistible romp of a novel that brings together nine unrelated women, each touched by the same little black dress that weaves through their lives, bringing a little magic with it.

Saints for All Occasions – J. Courtney Sullivan
A sweeping novel about two sisters–one the matriarch of a boisterous Irish Catholic family, the other a cloistered nun, hidden from the world–and the secret that drove them apart

The Death and Life of The Great Lakes – Dan Egan
A landmark work of science, history and reporting on the past, present and imperiled future of the Great Lakes.

The Great Believers – Rebecca Makkai
In 1985, Yale Tishman is about to pull off an amazing coup, bringing in an extraordinary collection of 1920s paintings as a gift to the gallery. Yet as his career begins to flourish, the carnage of the AIDS epidemic grows around him. One by one, his friends are dying and after his friend Nico’s funeral, the virus circles closer and closer to Yale himself.

Warlight – Michael Ondaatje
A mesmerizing new novel that tells a dramatic story set in the decade after World War II through the lives of a small group of unexpected characters and two teenagers whose lives are indelibly shaped by their unwitting involvement.


July New Releases


Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

A Gathering of Secrets by Linda Castillo

Cottage by the Sea by Debbie Macomber

Believe Me by JP Delaney

Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott

Dear Mrs. Bird by AJ Pearce

Spymaster by Brad Thor

The Other Woman by Daniel Silva

Clock Dance by Anne Tyler


The Briefing: Politics, the Press, and the President by Sean Spicer

Cancerland: A Medical Memoir by Davaid Scadden

Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book by American’s Test Kitchen

The Fall of Wisconsin by Dan Kaufman

Indianapolis by Lynn Vincent and Sara Vladic

The Leopold and Loeb Files by Nina Barrett

The Russian Hoax by Gregg Jarrett

What to Read and Why by Francine Prose

Made Whole: More Than 145 Anti-lnflammatory Keto-Paleo Recipes to Nourish You from the Inside Out by Christine Curp


Lumberjanes #9 by Shannon Walters

91- Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths

Life According to OG the Frog by Betty Birney


7 Days in Entebbe


Borg vs. McEnroe


I Feel Pretty

Journey’s End

One Strange Rock

A Quiet Place



Cage to Rattle by Daughtry

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (Soundtrack)

Nobody’s Girl by Bonnie Raitt

Out of the Blues by Boz Scaggs

Songs for the Saints by Kenny Chesney

Katerina Mina: Angel of Fire by Favorite Opera Arias

Happy 4th of July!

Independence Day (also known at the 4th of July) is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Here are some holiday-related books that can be found at our library.

The library will be closed on Wednesday July 4th. We will reopen on Thursday July 5th at 10:00am. The staff at the Lake Bluff Public Library wishes everyone a safe and Happy 4th of July!!!

A Catered Fourth of July – Isis Crawford
When a re-enactor’s musket blows up in his face, killing him, Bernie and Libby need to get to the bottom of his murder.

Celebrating the Fourth of July – Maddie Spalding
Readers are introduced to why we celebrate the Fourth of July, as well as traditions such as having picnics, watching fireworks, and eating tasty summer treats. Includes a kid-friendly project inspiring creativity and hands-on fun.

Hurray for the Fourth of July – Wendy Watson
A small-town family celebrates the Fourth of July by attending a parade, having a picnic, and watching fireworks. Interspersed throughout the pages are patriotic songs and traditional rhymes.

The Fourth of July – Peter de Bolla
Describing an “architecture of belief” that time and custom have constructed around July 4, de Bolla credits the symbolic capacity of the Declaration with answering the public needs of every generation: to honor the revolutionary generation, to express patriotism, to express dissent, to kick back on a day off.

The Night Before the Fourth of July – Natasha Wing
In rhyming text based on “The Night Before Christmas,” a family, decked in red, white, and blue, heads to the Fourth of July parade, hosts a backyard BBQ with neighbors, dodges an afternoon thundershower, and watches the fireworks show.


LF Book Store Staff Picks

The following books are staff picks from the staff at the Lake Forest Book Store. These books can all be found on the shelves at our library!

A Place for Us – Fatima Farheen Mirza
A story of family identity and belonging follows an Indian family through the marriage of their daughter, from the parents’ arrival in the United States to the return of their estranged son.

A Shout in the Ruins – Kevin Powers
Set in Virginia during the Civil War and a century beyond explores the brutal legacy of violence and exploitation in American society as it examines the fates of the inhabitants of Beauvais Plantation and their descendants.

Calypso – David Sedaris
When he buys a beach house on the Carolina coast, Sedaris envisions long, relaxing vacations spent playing board games and lounging in the sun with those he loves most. And life at the Sea Section is exactly as idyllic as he imagined, except for one thing: it’s impossible to take a vacation from yourself.

Dear Mrs. Bird – A.J. Pierce
When Emmeline Lake sees an advertisement for a job at the London Evening Chronicle, her dreams of becoming a Lady War Correspondent suddenly seem achievable. But the job turns out to be working as a typist for the fierce and renowned advice columnist, Henrietta Bird.

How Hard Can it Be? – Allison Pearson
Kate Reddy is facing her 50th birthday. Her children have turned into impossible teenagers, her mother and in-laws are in precarious health, and her husband is having a midlife crisis that leaves her desperate to restart her career.

The Secrets Between Us – Thrity Umrigar
Poor and illiterate, Bhima had faithfully worked for the Dubash family, for more than twenty years. Yet after courageously speaking the truth about a heinous crime perpetrated against her own family, the devoted servant was cruelly fired.

The Great Believers – Rebecca Makkai
In 1985, Yale Tishman is about to pull off an amazing coup, bringing in an extraordinary collection of 1920s paintings as a gift to the gallery. As his career begins to flourish, the AIDS epidemic grows around him. One by one, his friends are dying and after his friend’s funeral, the virus circles closer and closer to Yale himself.

Mr. Flood’s Last Resort – Jess Kidd
The tale of a lonely caregiver and a cranky hoarder who tackle notions of forgiveness, independence, sainthood, duty, and connections before dark family secrets are brought to light, revealing the sinister fate of a missing local schoolgirl.

Lying in Wait – Liz Nugent
A psychological thriller about a woman whose son discovers a secret that threatens her perfectly happy life.

The Sun Does Shine – Anthony Ray Hinton
A powerful, revealing story of hope, love, justice, and the power of reading by a man who spent thirty years on death row for a crime he didn’t commit.

The Word in Murder – Anthony Horowitz
When a wealthy woman is found murdered after planning her own funeral service, disgraced police detective Daniel Hawthorne and his sidekick, Horowitz, investigate.

Us Against You – Fredrik Backman
Beartown is home to tough, hardworking people who don’t expect life to be easy or fair. No matter how difficult times get, they’ve always been able to take pride in their local ice hockey team. So it’s a cruel blow when they hear that Beartown ice hockey might soon be disbanded.